Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Aunties Mock Meringue Topping

Meringue Topping

This "Auntie's Mock Meringue Topping" recipe is a creation born out of the dislike of traditional meringue!  I love making pies; however, I have always disliked the texture and taste of meringue.  This recipe produces the same peaked look as meringue, and tastes delicious! ~ Amber S.


1 pkg Cream cheese, softened but still cool
½ to 1  tsp vanilla to taste ( may substitute other flavoring )
½ c powdered sugar

1 tub cool whip


Whip cream cheese, vanilla, and sugar with mixer until smooth and fluffy.
Fold cool whip into cream cheese mixture gently.  

Use to top pies instead of traditional meringue.

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